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About The Book

Recovery from Anger Addiction

After   suffering   from   rage   until   his   late   60's, Verryl   finally   conquered   his   anger,   but   he   did not   do   it   by   "managing   it."   He   hoped   for   years that   as   he   recovered   from   shame    imparted   to him   in   his   childhood,   that   if   he   could   eliminate shame,   his   anger   would   be   healed   along   with the   shame.   But   shame   was   not   the   cause   of   his anger.   The   cause   was   losses   and   pain    that   he felt   while   being   shamed.   He   realized   that   his anger   felt   good--it   altered   his   mood    and   made   him   feel   powerful   instead of   helpless   from   the   pain.   This   is   characteristic   of   an   addiction,   like   using alcohol   in   a   vain   attempt   to   feel   better!     Thus,   he   realized   that   he   was not   a   bad    person   with   bad   behavior,   who   needed   to   be   better,    but   an   ill, addicted    person   who   needed   to   get   well.    This   is   the   story   of   how   he   did get   well   and   lost   his   anger   by   grieving   it.   This   standard   process   was remarkably   simple   after   the   pain   was   exposed.   The   book   is   a   memoir   of exposing   his   pain,   and   his   recovery   from   anger   is   solidly   backed   up   by addiction   and   recovery   theory   completed   with   citations   and   quotes   from notable recovery practitioners and authors. The book is 326 pages long It has a Glossary, Index, and 70 footnote citations of reference sources It includes a 13 page research article by Desiree Harris, M. C., on the efficacy of anger management techniques, comparing different programs