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Verryl   welcomes   comments   and   questions   about   anger   as   an   addiction,   and   how   to   overcome   this   devastating condition.   If   you   or   someone   close   to   you   is   afflicted   with   this   plight,   do   write   and   get   more   information.   Comments and enquiries from professional caregivers and institutions are welcome. For information enquires:  Please fill out my contact form below.

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The   book   is   326   pages   and   is   available   from Amazon   Kindle   at   $8.99 (with    the    “Look    Inside”    feature),    Barnes    and    Noble    (“Read Sample”),   and   Google   (“Preview”   and   “Free   Sample”).   Barnes   & Noble   discounts   the   e-Book   to   $7.99,   and   Google   discounts   the   e- Book   from   8.99   to   $7.55.   All   three   have   the   list   price   for   the   soft cover and for the hard cover. The   publisher   promises   that   as   an   e-Book   it   will   also   be   available   on the   above   devices   (Amazon   Kindle,   Barnes   &   Noble   Nook,   Google Play   Books)   as   well   as   the   Sony   Reader,   Kobo   Books,   and the iBooks Store. I   will   answer   questions   about   anger   and   the   addiction   concept   for anger   as   I   have   time.   You   can   use   the   form   to   the   left   to   send   them to   me   as   Your   Message.   To   send   them   to   me   click   on   the   “Submit” button.   I   will   also   comment   on   questions   raised   by   reviews   as   I   have time. For   multiple   copies   and   caregiving   professionals   and   institutions,   I have   a   few   copies   of   the   soft   cover   edition   at   a   discount.   Add   a note to Your Message of the form. If you can do, Or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, And magic within it. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
"I   have   a   few   (about   1,000   copies)   on   hand.   I   have   decided   to give   them   away   to   anger   addicts   or   their   families.   Give   me   a few days then contact me via my email If   you   are   able   to,   please   send   me   a   couple   of   bucks   by   check for postage.

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